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Governors Must Take a Stand Against Tar Sands

Citizens, towns and organizations have taken a stand against tar sands oil, the climate polluting oil-of-last-resort from Canada that Exxon Mobil and Enbridge want to bringinto Northern New England’s pristine back country and waterways.


Now it is time for governors to take a stand.

This town meeting day, 17 towns across New England joined the growing movement to reject tar sands oil and stand up for wildlife. The number of towns that have passed resolutions is now 51.

Tar Sands in New England?

A Trout Unlimited member asks about tar sands in streams and rivers

from Wildlife Promise  

11/19/2012 // Carol Oldham

Recently there was a meeting in the town of Randolph, New Hampshire to talk about tar sands. A Randolph conservation commissioner who had heard about the tar sands/Trailbreaker issue from NH Audubon (an NWF affiliate) had set the meeting up, inviting all the conservation commissioners and selectmen from the 5 towns that the pipeline runs through in NH. There were lots of citizens there as well, including a group from Maine who came across the border.