NRDC's latest report (June 2012): Going in Reverse: The Tar Sands Threat to Central Canada and New England


Fact Sheet from above report

Click here for an indepth series on tar sands diluted bitumen by Inside Climate news providing details on the Kalamazoo River tar sands spill as well as details about the dangers of tar sands.  

NWF's Report - Crude Behavior: TransCanada, Enbridge, and the Tar Sands Industry’s Tarnished Legacy. December 6th, 2012

Spill Crisis: 'Whatever, We're Going Home' – story revealing how Enbridge Inc. conducted a “botched response to one of the continent’s largest freshwater pipeline spills.”

Pipeline regulators cite two dozen safety violations by Enbridge in Kalamazoo tar sands pipeline spill.”Anthony Swift. July 3, 2012.

Who wants to hang out at the tar sands oily river? EPA to reopen parts of the still oiled KalamazooRiver.” Elizabeth Shope. June 21, 2012.

Kalamazoo Coverup? The message should not be overshadowed by its messenger.” Josh Mogerman.April 12, 2012

Pipeline Problems: The mess remains one year after Kalamazoo River Oil Spill.” Henry Henderson.July 27, 2011.

Kalamazoo one year later: Anatomy of a tar sands spill.” Anthony Swift. July 26, 2011.

Michigan Oil Spill and World’s Dirtiest Oil: why lie?” Henry Henderson. August 26, 2010.

Michigan Oil Spill Was Indeed Tar Sands: Enbridge thinks it’s better if you don’t know.” JoshMogerman. August 12, 2010.

A Mess in Michigan: Pipeline spill reminds us just how dirty tar sands can be.” Susan Casey-Lefkowitz.July 27, 2010.