Tar Sands Fuels: Threatening to Set Back Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region Climate Achievements



Today, NRDC – along with 15 other local, regional and national groups – released a new report entitled What’s in Your Tank? North

East and Mid-Atlantic States Need to Reject Tar Sands and Support Clean Fuels. The report brings to light a major new threat to the region: without action by citizens and policy-makers, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic will have 11.5% of their petroleum-based transportation and heating fuels coming from tar sands by 2020. Further, if the Keystone XL pipeline is approved, and just a small portion of the fuel derived from Keystone XL’s tar sands crude flows to the Northeast, the portion of tar sands-derived fuels in the region could skyrocket to 14-18%. Because tar sands-derived fuels cause 17% more greenhouse gas emissions than conventionally sourced-fuels over their full life-cycle from extraction through burning, this could be a major setback for a region that has embraced carbon emission reductions with programs like the landmark Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a nine-state pact to combat climate change by reducing carbon pollution from power plants. Read more at: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/eshope/tar_sands_fuels_threatening_to.html